AngelytiX Consulting, Los Angeles, CA

Business Coaching and Consulting for Entrepreneurs  

Entrepreneur or small business owner?

Are you the creative and visionary type wanting to supplement your skills with strategic guidance and a number's expert, but not yet able to hire employees? AngelytiX is here to help!


While small business owners cannot afford a full fleet of employees, trying to wear many hats at the same time is often the reason we see so many small businesses fail. This is because no one is strong at all aspects of business. Most of the time, the strengths that do well at starting a business are not the same that are needed to manage a business.  

To solve this issue, we believe that an entrepreneur and CEO should be the one focused on the product (or vision), the hiring, and raising funding for the business if needed. Everything else should be employed or outsourced in the most efficient and affordable way possible.

We help our clients with this problem in three ways:

A Small Business Coach (An Outsourced CEO)

The value of having a seasoned successful business owner as your personal business coach, guiding you along your vision is enormous. TV shows such as Shark Tank and The Profit have demonstrated this time and time again. We provide you with constant access either in-person or over the phone.

An Outsourced CFO and Data Analytics Team 

Most of our clients are creative and innovative in nature which is why we believe that supplementing their way of thinking with a financial and analytically minded person is the most important addition we can make. Instead of hiring a full-time employee, we will be your numbers guide!

Access to our Partnership Network

We focus on the above niche because that is our specialty. However, we have built up partners all across Los Angeles, CA that we trust to refer our clients to for just about all other outsourced needs that small businesses have including investors that trust our judgment and ability to send them warm leads.

We are headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

We provide you with a seasoned business owner to walk you through a strategic roadmap and an outsourced CFO to help with the micro level business management required.