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Business Coaching and Macro Level Strategic Guidance 

Having a strategic business coach as a mentor is vital to success. This is why TV shows like Shark Tank and The Profit are doing so well. However, who you trust as a mentor is just as important of a decision as deciding to have a mentor in the first place. We believe that the best person to be your business coach is someone who is a seasoned business owner himself and not only someone with a psychology background operating as more of a life coach. You can read more about Michael Bonert in the management team section, but he is the perfect combination of a coach and a seasoned business owner, having over 40 years of experience running and nurturing many successful start-ups. So don't be fooled by coaches without the business experience. 

Importance of Coaching
Seasoned Business Coach
Do you want a business coach with over 30 years of experience building and nurturing numerous successful start-ups on your side?

Clients have benefited from this level of coaching for many reasons: Managerial guidance, navigating business options, brainstorming business direction, preparing for negotiations, preparing for funding, working on a roadmap, hiring employees, structuring partnership agreements, or enhancing one's confidence with making big decisions are just a few. Having a business expert on your side that can be reached through phone or email, or that you can meet with in person at any time can provide a great sense of comfort and value for you and your business.