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Business Coaching and Consulting for Entrepreneurs  

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We were fortunate to talk about how we are helping small businesses with business coaching and both financial and analytical support:

The Problem

Strategic guidance traditionally comes either by giving up a portion of your company or by hiring consulting companies that are unaffordable to small businesses. Moreover, chief financial officers (CFOs)’ salaries are typically well over $200,000. Even quality employees are often out of the scope of a small company’s budget.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support small business owners with what we do best. This includes bringing in both a strategic guide - a seasoned business owner or a "shark" - and a hard-skilled CFO and numbers person. Most importantly, we work closely with our client to figure out how to achieve this at an affordable rate.

Our team consists of business professionals with many years of experience in entrepreneurship, finance, analytics, strategy, and consulting. We are committed to using our expertise to assist budding entrepreneurs.

Our Ideal Client

Our clients are small business owners who are creative and innovative in nature, and thus great at being product and customer focused. However, a large proportion of time can be spent on what these clients are weak at as they try to wear too many hats in the business. We, therefore, believe that by supplementing their skill sets with the more formal business guidance needed, our clients can focus on building their business and their dream using their strengths while we do the same with our strengths on their behalf. With this relationship in place, we are proud of the success that our clients have been able to achieve - which is extremely motivating and fulfilling for us.

Here is a recent interview we did on Empire Radio in which we had a chance to discuss how and why the company started: