AngelytiX Consulting, Los Angeles, CA

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Our Network of Partners

Even though clients hire us for our niche specializations, we see our job description as “helping our clients succeed in the broader sense.” We have, therefore, built up a pool of quality and reliable partnership companies that we can leverage and refer our clients to with warm introductions – often at discounted rates.

Our large networks of partners that also focus on helping small and new companies include:

  • Investors (Equity and Debt)
  • Website Developers
  • Social Media Agencies
  • Human Resource (HR) Companies
  • Compliance Companies

  • Bookkeeping Service Providers
  • Project Managers
  • Video and Photograph Service Providers
  • App Developers

Our clients can also become partners as we refer their services to other clients. This helps us in further creating win-win situations for everyone.

If you are a business that targets small businesses and would like to discuss and apply to become an official trusted partner please send us an e-mail.